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Clean Room Vacuums

For environments requiring the assurance of a very high standard of cleanliness CRQ vacuums can provide this through their use of double-HEPA filtration.  The air is filtered both on its way into the vacuum, and once again before discharge from the machine.

These machines are very effective in delivering a very high level of filtration in a compact, portable, relatively lightweight package, removing very fine"invisible particulate material.

As the adjacent image shows these machines are equipped with both a HEPA filter before the vacuum motor, and the discharge air is filtered again after the motor, so that even the minute amount of dust / swarf generated by the motor is removed before the air is returned to the room.

Applications for this class of equipment include computer rooms, libraries and archives, clean room suites, hospitals, electronics assembly facilities, sterile handling suites - and even offices that simply require a deep-clean and the highest standards of cleanliness.

Note: this product is NOT SUITABLE for the collection of asbestos dust.

Click here for an Equipment Data Sheet about CRQ Vacuums

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