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Safety Showers and Eyewash Stations


STD-40-K Portable Safety Shower + Eyewash Station

The STD-40-K is a cold water safety shower complete with eyewash station; once filled the unit can easily be moved about site and is completely autonomous. 

• Can be located just about anywhere (but needs protection from frost!). 

• Intended for use at remote locations where utility / shower facilities are unavailable.

• Includes an emergency eyewash station as standard and serves as a primary emergency decontamination shower in case of a hazardous material spill.

• Shower operates from a simple lever pull, and provides a cold water drench of approx. 100 litres.

• Compact and portable, it can be moved by one man even when filled with water.

• Once filled and pressurised from a clean water supply it is autonomous and requires no utility connection.

• Integral eyebath operates immediately cover is removed.

• Eyebath flow adjustable to preferred volume.


Click here for an Equipment Data Sheet about the STD 40 K Emergency Safety Drench Shower & Eyewash Station.


You can either collect hire equipment from our depots or we can deliver to your location anywhere in the UK.

MH-P-1200 Transportable Safety Shower + Eyewash

The MH-P-1200 Safety Shower & Eyewash is a highway towable trailer with tank capacity of 1200 litres that:

► provides a drenching shower of tepid water for up to 15 minutes.

► is manufactured to meet the relevant requirements of the ANSI standard for safety showers.

► operates from a 110v power supply and incorporates a pump and heater to maintain temperature and deliver water to the shower and eyewash on demmand.

►is ideal for sites lacking a continuous water supply as it can be filled in advance and towed to any remote area where a safety shower or eyewash station is required.

► once filled requires only a 110v power supply for its operation. 


Click here for an Equipment Data Sheet about the MH P 1200 Safety Shower & Eyewash Station.

You can either collect hire equipment from our depots or we can deliver to your location anywhere in the UK.




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