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Water Misting Cannons - Portable


Dust is a globally recognized problem with dust formed in the process of work activities recognised as a significant contributor to ill-health

As a means of control water-suppression reduces dust clouds but needs to be applied correctly and throughout the duration of the work activity to be effective.

Rather than using a person with a hose to suppress dust, substituting them with a water misting unit means you:

(a) can take site personnel away from the risk zone.

(b) replace a jet with a water mist which is more effective at dust suppression.

(c) reduce water pooling that hose water jets produce.

(d) save money - water misting units are much cheaper to hire than a person with a hose !

Envirogard hires small portable and large towable water misting units for dust and odour suppression. 


For information on large towable mist cannons Click Here 


For information on small portable mist cannons scroll down.

Dust Fighter DF Smart Misting Cannon

DF Ecology has developed a water-mist dust suppression system that is a significant improvement over hose jets. 

The DF Smart Dustfighter is a compact misting fan which produces finely divided water droplets in the size range 40-120 micron diameter. 

At this size the water droplets can easily combine with dust particles of similar dimensions and precipitate them out of the air. 

Moreover - because the water mist produced “floats” - the mist covers and envelops the dust cloud more effectively than a spray from a hose.


A conventional approach to dust suppression - using a 15mm hose to spray down an area manually - will typically use 17 litres / minute (approx. 1000 litres per hour) of water. 

By comparison the DF Smart uses water much more economically (see table below), and the throughput of water can be adjusted simply by turning the inlet valve on the machine.

In addition the smaller droplet size that the DF Smart produces reduces pooling on the ground.

As with all our equipment the DF Smart is roll up, plug in, and switch on” requiring only connection to 110v power and a water supply. 

Finally it's worth noting that the DF Smart can also be used for cooling purposes, or without water misting,  simply as a high capacity ventilator.


Click here for an Equipment Data Sheet on the "Dustfighter" DF Smart Water Misting Cannon.

DF Smart Tech Details:

Water Usage: 

1.0 bar - 3.6 L/min
1.5 bar - 4.5 L/min
2.0 bar - 5.0 L/min
2.5 bar - 5.8 L/min

Airflow 5400 m3/hr

Tilt Range 10 – 50 degrees

Reach 13 metres (without wind)

Voltage 110v, Current Draw Running 20 amps.

Weight 77kg, Dimensions (LxWxH mm) 985 x 785 x 835

Dust Fighter DF Mini Misting Unit

It's not always practicable to have equipment constantly connected to a water supply. 

The DF Mini offers a solution to this with an integral tank which allows operation for several hours between refills.

The DF Mini is for indoor or local outdoor applications. 

It does not utilise a fan to deliver the mist - useful where users want to avoid air movement disturbing the workplace, and this also means it is extremely quiet in operation.

It's telescopic mast, with the tilt facility of the mist head, delivers a fine water mist up to 8 metres and - depending on the mist nozzles selected - it will run for up to 5 hours between refill. 

In addition to dust suppression it can also be used for odour control; the odour-agent can be dosed direct to the water tank. 

Simply fill the tank, wheel into place, and connect to 110v to operate.


Click here for an Equipment Data Sheet on the DF Mini Dust and Odour Suppression Misting Unit.

DF Mini for Odour Suppression

The DF Mini represents a good solution for sites without water with its integral tank which allows operation for several hours between refill.

In addition to dust suppression the DF Mini can also be used for odour control.

The odour-agent is dosed direct to the water tank at time of refill.

Simply fill the tank, wheel into place, and connect a 110v supply to operate.  


DF Mini Tech Details:

Water Usage: 

Brown Nozzle  0.22  L/min
Green Nozzle  0.42   L/min
Red Nozzle     0.88  L/min

Airflow: Nil (airless spray)

Tilt Range: -15 to +25 degrees; reach 8 mtrs max.

Voltage: 110v, current draw running 5 amps, 550W.

Weight: dry 74kg, with full water tank 144kg.

Dimensions (mm) 710Lx600Wx1300H - 2150H (max).

Vortex 440 Misting Cannon / Odour Suppressant

An alternative to the DF Mini is the Vortex misting unit which also has an integral water tank and is equipped with a fan to propel the water mist; so as well as dust and odour control the Vortex is useful for cooling purposes, and (when used without water) simply as a ventilator.

The Vortex runs off a standard 110v supply, and draws 10 amps.

It is simply wheeled into place - ideal for indoor and close-proximity outdoor work.

It generates mists with a small droplet size in the range 5 - 30 microns which minimises pooling.

This is a "roll-up, plug-in, switch-on" product.

Click here for an Equipment Data Sheet on the Vortex 440 Misting and Odour Suppression Cannon.


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