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Type H Vacuum Hire


Where dust has already settled high efficiency vacuum cleaners allow collection with minimal disturbance.

For collection of non-explosive, fine, potentially hazardous dusts - such as dust arising from lead containing paint, dusts from asbestos containing materials, ceramic fibre dust etc -  Type-H vacuums are commonly required (and often mandated by H&S regulations). 


Type-H vacuum cleaners are constructed to BS5415 and incorporate multi-stage filtration to deliver filtration standards in excess of 99.995% capture of dust particles as small at 0.3 micron. 

The final filtration stage incorporates a HEPA (High Efficiency Particle Attenuation) module and each individual filter system is tested and certified for its filtration efficiency.

Dependant on intended application the filtration system will be re-tested at intervals as short as 6 months, and in any event at intervals not exceeding 14 months.

110v machines are standard throughout the hire range. Suitable transformers are available on request.

You can collect hire equipment from our depots or we can deliver to your location - see map in side bar.


4th stage: filtered air discharge →

3rd stage: "HEPA filter" →

2nd stage: "collection bag" →

1st stage: "collection drum" →


Wheels & castors for   →

ease of movement

Numatic HZC 390 Type H Vacuum Cleaner

The HZC 390 Vacuum is ideal for contractors who only occasionally need to use a Type-H vacuum. 

Its 13 litre waste container is sealed-for-life which prevents the user from accessing the collected contents. 

Its large rear wheels and extendable handle make it easy to wheel along.

It's also light enough to carry by hand and compact enough to get into tight spaces. 

With the handle folded down it's small enough to put in a car boot.

Click here for a data sheet on the HZC 390 vacuum cleaner.

Numatic HZ/Q 250

The smallest vacuum in the range, the HZ/Q 250 is light enough to be carried (11.5 kg).

It also has castor wheels so it can placed on the ground and pulled around.

It has an 8 litre waste container, accepts a Numatic 1B size waste bag, and has a single vacuum motor.

Click here for a data sheet on the HZ 250 Type H vacuum cleaner.

Numatic HZD/Q 450

This model has two motors, developing higher suction capacities.

Good for heavier duty applications and where long lengths of vacuum hose - up to 15 metres - are required.

The HZD/Q 450 has a 20 litre waste container, accepts a Numatic 3B waste bag, and weighs 29.5 kg.

It is supplied as standard on a wheeled castor base.

Click here for a data sheet on HZD/Q 450 vacuum cleaners.


*  Do not open H-Type vacuum cleaners unless you have been trained and are competent to do so. These machines are not the same as domestic vacuum cleaners.

*  Do not open without first donning respiratory protection equipment.

*  Vacuum bags may only be removed from the machine by someone competent.

* This activity must be undertaken within a controlled environment to prevent spread of waste material; you may also require a decontamination facility.

*  Any waste arising must be handled and disposed of in accordance with the regulations applying to the material you have collected.

*  Ensure the outside of the machine is free from contamination before removing from the work area. Seal used hoses and tools in plastic bags.

*  Never run “Type H" vacuums when spraying liquids of any type, nor use to lift or clean up wet material or surfaces.

Read the detailed operating instructions and safety precautions supplied with machines before use.

You can collect hire equipment from our depots or we can deliver to your location - see map in side bar.


Hire Locations

Hire equipment is available for use throughout the UK. Envirogard provides delivery to the areas in dark blue; third party transport services provide delivery to areas in light blue - please enquire for prices.
You can also collect for free from our hire depots. Click Here to find our locations.

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