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Envirogard Metropolitan, Solus, and Nomad self-contained decontamination units were introduced specifically for sites without power or water.

Designed and constructed in the context of H.S.E. guidelines for provision of decontamination showers, these units provide hygiene facilities for personnel working in and around contaminated sites.

Unlike a jack-leg unit they can be sited and re-sited without the need for a crane, and can be towed by most medium-sized vans or cars. The integral generator is fully enclosed for quiet operation will run for approx. 50+hours on one 13kg propane gas cylinder. Envirogard decontamination units are supplied (on request) with their integral clean-water tanks ready-filled and can therefore be operating within 10 minutes of arrival at site.

Where utility services are available you can take full advantage of this - these trailers will also accept an external water an power supply where available.

For decontamination purposes there are three compartments which provide separate, designated, "dirty", "shower" and "clean areas", and thermostatically regulated showers provide safe and comfortable decontamination. A stainless steel wash basin is provided for full forearm cleansing and hot water is supplied by a LPG balanced flue water heater. An integral water tank supplies clean water for the shower(s) and wash basins, with a tank capacity ranging from 160 litres to 250 litres (model dependent).

Each trailer is equipped with a HEPA grade air-filtration unit for containment of hazardous materials and is supplied with a current filtration-test certificate. Depending upon your application trailers can also be equipped with:

• a single station boot wash for location adjacent to the entry doors; this connects to
the trailer’s on-board clean-water supply tank.
• a waste-water filtration unit to remove particulate matter before discharge to drain.

Please note none of these trailers has a waste-water holding tank - users must arrange for appropriate disposal of waste-water at point of use, in accordance with local byelaws and regulations governing the users activity.

There are three models:

Envirogard Metropolitan
Envirogard Solus
Envirogard Nomad

All models are self-contained with integral clean water tank and on-board generator but all can easily be connected to external utilities where these are available.


The Envirogard Metropolitan is a self-contained decontamination shower with a small footprint, allowing it to fit into a car parking space.
Integral water tank 160 litres - suitable for tow to/from site with water tanks filled.


The Envirogard Solus is a self-contained decontamination shower with a footprint allowing it to fit into a car parking space.

Compared with the Metropolitan it has more internal space and larger water tank capacity (220 litres).


A Envirogard Nomad is self-contained decontamination shower providing washing facilities for decontamination of personnel.

Uniquely the Nomad operates from 110v power - simply plug-in to a site supply (e.g.110v 16A portable transformer) or utilise its own onboard 110v generator.

Great for sites which lack any 240v supply, or which are sensitive about use of 240v trailing leads to supply equipment.

Ex-Fleet Disposal - Combined Welfare + Decon Units.

Self-contained decontamination unit, with integral generator and 200+ litre water tank.

Additionally it features a W.C., plus a separate mess / office area and galley kitchen [Microwave, Hotplate, Fridge, Sink] - all within one trailer.


Discontinued Line - Surplus For Sale - Enquire To Hire Desk For Latest Availability.


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