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Standard Decons


Envirogard "Standard" decontamination showers are intended for sites where utility services - electrical power, water, drainage - are available.

If utility services aren't available click though to our section on self-contained trailers.

Designed and constructed in the context of H.S.E. guidelines for provision of welfare facilities and decontamination showers, these hire units provide hygiene facilities for personnel working in and around contaminated sites.

Unlike a jackleg unit they can be sited without the need for a crane, and can be towed by most medium sized-vans or cars.

For decontamination purposes there are three compartments which provide separate, designated, "dirty", "shower", and "clean areas". Thermostatic heaters maintain a comfortable temperature, while hot water for the showers is provided by an on-board water heater.

The electrical power connection is through a 16A 240v chassis inlet plug -  Envirogard supply the matching trailing socket. The requirement for the water heater is a clean water supply of pressure between 1 bar and 6 bar; this can normally be achieved from a 15mm dia. hose. connected to a main tap.

Each trailer is equipped with a HEPA grade air-filtration unit for containment of airborne dust and is supplied with a current filtration test-certificate. Depending upon your application trailers may also be equipped with:

* a single station boot wash.
* a waste-water filtration unit.

The smallest unit in the "Standard" range is the Micro single-shower trailer unit for 4 x people (and a footprint small enough to fit in a parking space) - and the largest is the Maxi Quad XL four-shower trailer for 16 x people.

Trailers utilise LPG for water heating, supplied from cylinders located in an external; this has the advantage of keeping the electrical power requirement low.

Envirogard Micro Decontamination Unit


Envirogard Micro decontamination unit - designed to fit into a car parking space, only 1.75m wide (less than 6 feet).

Easy to tow and relocate around site.

Maxi Quad

With a long 6.4m body (7.6m overall length) Envirogard's Maxi Quad decontamination shower is close to the maximum permitted length for road-tow trailers.


Its single axle configuration means it is highly manoeuverable.


If you need more internal space - try Envirogard's Maxi Quad XL - with its slightly longer and wider body.  The Maxi XL's different configuration (courtesy of below-floor twin axles) provides even more usable internal space for showering and changing.

All Electric

If you prefer a decontamination shower solely using an electrical power supply please enquire for availability of twin shower trailer units.

Connection is effected through a trailing socket wired to a suitable mains supply cable; the trailing socket simply plugs into the matching chassis plug located in the grey/beige enclosure on the front of the trailer. We supply the trailing socket.


Hire Locations

Hire equipment is available for use throughout the UK. Envirogard provides delivery to the areas in dark blue; third party transport services provide delivery to areas in light blue - please enquire for prices.
You can also collect for free from our hire depots. Click Here to find our locations.

Hire Enquiries

ASHFORD 01303 814 930
MANCHESTER 01613 208 587
BARNSLEY 01226 740 900
TAMWORTH 01827 304 955
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