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BS 8520-1 / PAS 60-1 Compliant Wet Injection System

Enviro-Vac has introduced a wet injection system to the market, featuring adjustment-free needles. Compliant with BS 8520-1 & PAS 60-1 the new system has superceded the conventional arrangement of manual flow adjustment at each needle - replacing it with a self-regulating "needle-module".

Inside each needle-module is a unique pressure control valve which can deliver a consistent, balanced output to each needle ensuring that the requirements of BS 8520-1 &  PAS 60-1 are met.

In conjunction with the needle-module a new surfactant pump-delivery system (shown below) has also been developed, which:

►is a robust, durable, all plastic construction. 
►features a powerful pump capable of reliably delivering fluid even when the injection needles are elevated many meters above the pump unit. 
►allows needles to be used in any combination up to a maximum of 100 without compromising the flowrate at each needle.
►has a 100+ litre capacity transluscent tank with capacity graduations. 
►will self-mix the surfactant. 
►incorporates multi-stage liquid-filtration to prevent surfactant-borne debris blocking the needles. 
►features factory-set automatic pressure regulating valves requiring no adjustment, so minimising the opportunity for operator error.
►has a "Dwell-Time" feature allowing a repeating cycle of 5 minutes injection followed by 5 minutes waiting - to allow the fluid to be absorbed.  This can be over-ridden for constant injection or spray application.

For work at different levels, the pump system can be left on the ground floor and a light-weight pressure control box taken to the higher levels - connected to the pump system by a single quick release hose.

The control unit compensates changes in pressure-head which

occur when needles are used at a different level from the pump unit, and ensures a consistent liquid flow of 35ml per minute (+/- 10%) is delivered to each needle.


Key Technical Features:

⇒ Supply Voltage 110v , Current Consumption 2 amps
⇒ Weight Empty 30kg, Weight Full Approx. 155kg
⇒ Dimensions 850mm (L) x 290mm (W) x 950mm (H)
⇒ Tank Reservoir Capacity 100+ litres
⇒ Tank Empty Time@ 100 Needles: 35min (no dwell time)
⇒ Tank Empty Time@ 100 Needles: 70min (with dwell)
⇒ Delivery Rate Per Needle: 35ml per minute +/- 10% 

Click here for an Equipment Data Sheet on the Enviro-Vac Wet Injection System.

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