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Dust Filtration - Air Scrubbers


Dust Filtration Unit: Scrub-Aire 2000

The Scrub-Aire 2000 is easy to use, easy to clean, and provides air scrubbing duties within or close-by a work area.  

The Scrub-Aire draws contaminated air through pre-filters located on each face of the machine; each pre-filter is protected by a cover in transit.  

At least one transit cover must be removed before operation, and may be "parked" on top of the machine where it will attach magnetically.  Any number of covers can be removed and parked on top of the machine.

The pre-filters remove the larger airborne particles, before air is drawn down through an integral High Efficiency Particle Attenuation (HEPA) filter to remove the very fine particles. 

The HEPA filter will separate out more than 99.995% of particulates down 0.3 micron size, before discharging the cleaned air at low level.  Where the problem is an "odour" a supplementary carbon filter is available (on request).

Filtered air must be allowed to freely discharge from the machine. The low level discharge flaps are kept closed by magnets, and these will open as the airflow is increased.  Ensure the discharge flaps are not obstructed.

The Scrub-Airer is on castors and is designed as a "roll-up, plug-in, switch-on" product - positioned where convenient to the user; it is quiet to operate, and has variable flow control.

It is constructed principally of ABS and consequently is easy to clean, making it a good option for hospitals, clean rooms, and computer rooms - although it will work just as effectively in a workshop environment !


You can either collect hire equipment from our depots or we can deliver to your location anywhere in the UK.

Click Here for an Equipment Data Sheet on the Scrub-Aire

All our hire equipment follows a "roll-up, plug-in, switch-on" philosophy - we keep it simple.


Everything  is  easily  scalable  -  you  can  hire  more   [or  fewer]  units of the same type if the scope of your work changes, or you can switch to models with a larger [or smaller]  capacity - as suits you.


All our equipment is "plug and play" - it operates on 110v (either 16 amp or 32 amp) - and we can provide suitable transformers if you don't have your own.

We provide straightforward, easy to read instructions with all our equipment, and we are happy to arrange for equipment to be demonstrated at one of our depots.


Finally - we DON'T commit you to a long hire.  As standard this equipment can be taken on a 1 week minimum hire - with any additional time being charged per extra day - when you hire direct from us under our conditions of hire.


We also offer special rates for shorter duration hires of less than a week.


Click on the above images for a handy summary of the sorts of air handling and specialist vacuum equipment we hire out, and the contact details for our depots - which provide a service across mainland U.K.


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