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Established in 1989 Envirogard hires specialist equipment to contractors across mainland U.K.

Equipment is supplied from our hire depots at Manchester, Barnsley, Tamworth and Ashford (Kent).

Our company is a full member of the Contractors Plant Association, and an associate member of the Environmental Industries Commission.

Our hire equipment is regularly employed by contractors engaged specifically in environmental clean-up and pollution control but much is also used by contractors who only occasionally encounter hazardous materials in the course of their work.  

We routinely supply our equipment to telecomms. engineers, electricians, roofing, shot-blasting and painting contractors, geotechnical engineers, HVAC engineers, logistics operations, facilities services businesses, chemical plants  . . . etc.

Our hire products help people meet their health, safety, and environmental obligations.

Hire products broadly fall into the following classes:

Safety & Decontamination Shower Units:

To help contractors comply with their obligations to protect their employees and the general public during work with potentially hazardous materials Envirogard offers an extensive range of:

> emergency showers

> modular showers, and

> mobile decontamination units (including decontamination shower units with integral welfare facilities):

Emergency safety showers are highly mobile and can be located just about anywhere. 

They include an emergency eyewash station as standard and serve as a primary decontamination shower in case of a hazardous material spill.

Once charged with clean water these units are autonomous, and do not require connection to mains utility services.

Modular Decontamination Showers are often the only option where space constraint prohibits use of static or trailed decontamination facilities. Quickly and easily erected at site from lightweight panels, these systems are intended for indoor use.

Trailer Decontamination Showers Envirogard operates a fleet of decontamination trailers catering for the requirements of different industrial users. 

Water heating is either electric or by an integral room-sealed balanced-flue LPG water heater.

All models have (at least) three compartments which provide separate Dirty, Shower and Clean areas, and are equipped with certified HEPA grade air-filtration to aid containment of hazardous materials. 



A range of sizes is available ranging from the Micro single shower trailer catering for just 4 people, up to the Maxi Quad shower units accomodating 16 people. 

Self-contained versions are also available - equipped with an integral clean-water tank and onboard generator these self-contained trailer units can operate at sites lacking mains power and water.

Optional items available for all models of decon trailer are boot-wash stations and waste-water filtration system - depending upon customer application.

All Envirogard's trailers are intended for tow to site using a van or car.

Site Services / Ancillaries:
Envirogard recognize that many sites lack basic utility services and have their own unique problems.

Based on the most frequent customer requests Envirogard can provide ancillary hire equipment including: 

► Boot Wash Stations

► Bio Dip Disinfection Tanks


► Pressure Washers

► Aerosol Smoke Generators

► Water Pressure-Boost Pumps

► Shower-Waste Filtration Sets

► Differential Pressure Monitors

► Portable Transformers

► 110v Extension Cables

► 110v Tripod Lights

Dust Control, Fume and Ventilation Equipment:

Envirogard offers a large range of equipment for dust & odour suppression, as well as forced ventilation, dust filtration and fume extractioni

►mobile water-mist cannons for suppression of fugitive dust, including hire units for use indoors and outdoors.

Water-mist cannons are a straightforward solution for suppression of fugitive nuisance dusts e.g. concrete, cement, brick-dust, shot-blast overspill etc.

All Envirogard's hire units are mobile and can be re-located as and when required.  

Self-contained units with integral water tanks & their own onboard power provide the ultimate flexibility for sites which lack accessible utility services.

The range includes units with oscillating sprays which sweep to and fro to cover large areas.

Where odours are a problem self-contained water-misting units with integral water tanks make it easy; simply add a masking or de-odourising agent to the tank.

►when water mists can't be used Envirogard have a range of dust extractors coupled with either filter socks (as shown) or multi-pocket filters.

These work well for suppression of general "nuisance dust" such as concrete, cement, brick-dust, sawdust, powders, shot-blasting overspill etc. 

These are cost-effective in removing visible air borne dust and are straightforward to use; filters can easily be changed by the user.

►for control of fine or hazardous dusts Envirogard offer a range of specialist air scrubbing dust control units - including Negative Pressure Units [NPU's]. 

These machines are equipped with HEPA (High Efficiency Particle Arrestor) filters which typically remove very small particles (less than 1 micron) with better then 99.99% efficiency. 

All the ventilation, extraction and dust filtration equipment will operate from a 110v supply, is designed to be "Wheel-in, Plug-in, Switch-on" and can easily be scaled up or down in capacity to meet individual requirements.

►For ventilation and fume extraction applications Envirogard stock portable and transportable fans (blower units).  

Centrifugal fans (shown) can deliver high levels of suction and maintain airflow over long ducting lengths (flexible ducting is available to hire or buy).

Where very long runs of ducting are required fan units can be used in series at approx. 40 metre intervals along the ducting to maintain airflow performance.

Specialist Industrial Vacuum Cleaning Equipment:

Where dust has already settled high efficiency vacuum cleaners allow collection with minimal disturbance and maximum capture.  For hazardous dust (including asbestos) H-type vacuums are available, constructed to BS5415 and with 3-stage filtration. 

The final stage includes a HEPA filter module and each machine is individually tested and certified for its filtration efficiency. 

110v machines are standard throughout the hire range although compressed air powered versions are available for some vacuum types on special request.

Envirogard also stocks wet pick-up vacuums - as standard in 110v (available in compressed air powered versions on special request).

Envirogard is a division of Specialist Hires Ltd, Lydd Yard, Aldington (Kent), TN25 7AL.  

The company is forward looking and is constantly looking for new ranges to introduce to the hire fleet. 

If you know of a product which you think would be a useful addition to our hire equipment range - please don’t hesitate, tell us !


We aim to help our customers keep up to date by providing topical news, information on seminars and training courses, legislation and consultations, and convenient links to other organisations.

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Hire Locations

Hire equipment is available for use throughout the UK. Envirogard provides delivery to the areas in dark blue; third party transport services provide delivery to areas in light blue - please enquire for prices.
You can also collect for free from our hire depots. Click Here to find our locations.

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