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Emergency Safety Showers

• The STD-40K (and STD-H-40K frost-protected version) safety showers can be located just about anywhere.

• Intended for use at locations where utility / shower facilities are unavailable.

• Include an emergency eyewash station as standard.

• Serve as a primary emergency decontamination shower in case of a hazardous material spill.

• Safety shower operates from a simple lever pull, and provides a cold water drench of approx. 100 litres.


• Compact and portable, can be moved by one man even when filled with water.

• STD-40K: once filled a from a clean water supply the function is autonomous and requires no utility connection for operation.


• STD-H-40K offers all the features as the standard 40K with the addition of frost protection (which requires a 110v power supply to activate the trace heating).

• Integral eyewash station operates immediately the cover is removed; eyewash flow is adjustable.


Click here for a data sheet about the STD-40K and STD-H-40K Safety Drench Shower & Eyewash Station.



You can either collect hire equipment from our depots or we can deliver to your location anywhere in the UK.


Need a larger capacity safety shower ?

Where you require a larger capacity safety shower, or a safety shower which supplies tempered water, Envirogard can supply the MH-P-1200.

The MH-P-12oo safety shower also comes complete with an eyewash station.

Click on the adjacent image to see this product.

Key Features of the MH-P-1200 are:  


 ► A highway tow unit which can be filled in advance and moved to remote locations lacking a water supply.

► Once filled it operates on 110v power - simple plug in connection.

► Carrying 1200 litres of water it meets the relevant parts of the ANSI standard for safety showers by delivering a 15 minute shower of tempered water.

► Includes an eye / face-wash station as well as overhead shower.

► For further information about the MH P 1200 Click here.


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