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A-Z Product List


► All Electric Decontamination Shower

► Astrocab Modular Decontamination Shower

► Astro V60 Negative Pressure Unit

► Beacon Water Management System

► Bootwash Station

► Commando Dustguard Bowser & Jet Wash

► Dustcontrol DC2000 Aircube

► Dustfighter DF Mini Mist Cannon

► Dustfighter DF Smart Mist Cannon

► DFU 600 Dust Filtration Unit

► DFU 1800 Dust Filtration Unit

► DFU 2300 Dust Filtration Unit

► DFU 5000 Dust Filtration Unit

► Emergency Safety Shower and Eyewash STD 40 K

► Hilta Pressure Washer

► MaxiQuad Decontamination Shower

► Micro Decontamination Shower

► Nomad 110v Decontamination Shower

► Numatic CRQ Cleanroom Vacuum

► Numatic HZ250 Type-H Vacuum

► Numatic HZD450 Type-H Vacuum

► Numatic HML Vacuum

► Numatic Wet Vac

► Portable Generator XL 4000

► Portable Transformers

► Portable Smoke Generator

► Power Cables 110v & 240v

► Pressure Differential Monitor

► Safety Industries SI800 Negative Pressure Unit

► Safety Industries SI2300 Negative Pressure Unit

► Safety Industries SI5000 Negative Pressure Unit

► Safety Shower and Eyewash MH P 1200

► Scrub-Aire 2000 Dust Filtration Unit

► Solus I Decontamination Shower

► Solus II Decontamination Shower

► Solus III Decontamination Shower

► SC15 Mist Cannon

► Super Mosquito Mist Cannon

► Tornado P2 Mini Bowser Pressure Washer

► Traveller SC3-60 Decontamination Shower

► Ventsafe VS 1000 Centrifugal Ventilation Fan

► Ventsafe VS 3000 Centrifugal Ventilation Fan 

► Ventsafe Spitzna Axial Ventialtion Fan 

► Ventsafe Clustajet Compressed Air Ventilation Fan

► Vortex Water Mist Cannon

► Water Bowser

► Water Supply Pump

► Waste Water Filtration System

► Wet Strip Injection Equipment

Important Note:

Not all of these products are shown on the website; for information on products not displayed please contact our hire depots.  We reserve the right to withdraw products at anytime without notice.


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